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Wholesale Drop-Ship Program from FastFurnishings.com

Are you looking for products to sell on your website or eBay store? If so, you've come to the right place. We have an enormous selection of home furnishings and eco-friendly furniture products available for you to begin selling online immediately. (currently over 7,000 products). We drop ship our products directly to your customers so you don't have to keep any inventory. Within 24 hours of acceptance into our Wholesale DropShip program, you will receive welcome email with your wholesale coupon code, which you will use to apply your discounted pricing. After being accepted into our wholesale drop-ship program you are free to copy our product images and descriptions directly from our website, FastFurnishings.com, to list on your own website or eBay store. Available to our resellers at the silver, gold, and platinum levels is our .csv product data file, which can be used to import our products directly to your website or online marketplace After you have listed our items on your site, ebay, etc and have received your first a sale, and received payment from your customer, simply go to FastFurnishings.com, locate the product that your customer ordered, add product to shopping cart, apply your wholesale coupon code given to you welcome email. Make sure to enter your customer's address as the ship-to address and your billing info for billing. We ship the order directly to your customer, and you keep the profit you have made on the sale. We do not include pricing on receipt/packing slip so your customer will never see you wholesale price. We take care of warehousing, packaging, and shipping the product directly to your customer. We are an experienced online wholesaler dropshipper with over 15 years of experience, and are able to handle all of your drop shipping needs. As an added benefit our wholesale pricing includes Free Shipping within the contiguous United States. This gives you the ability to sell our products nationwide, and offer your customers one price with FREE SHIPPING. Please see below for more pricing information on our wholesale drop ship program plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find my wholesale price for a product listed on FastFurnishings.com?

We offer 3 wholesale pricing levels. 5%, 10%, and 15% off of the product price (in blue) listed FastFurnishings.com - Our wholesale prices include Free Shipping within the contiguous United States, and we never charge sales tax ....We pay any applicable taxes) - For instance, this Bed listed for sale on FastFurnishings.com at $286. So, at the 15% off wholesale pricing level your price for this bed would be $243.10 (which is $286 x .85 = $243.10) - AT the 10% off pricing level your wholesale price for this same bed would be would be $257.40 (which is $286 x .9 = $257.40). And at the 5% off pricing level for this item your wholesale price would be $271.7. (which is 286 x .95 = $27170), Shortly after signing up for one of our wholesale accounts we will email you a coupon code to apply your wholesale pricing

2. How much is shipping?

Our prices include FREE SHIPPING within the contiguous United States on Everything we sell. Please note that our Free Shipping is standard ground shipping, and that most orders ship out in 3-5 days and are delivered around 1-5 days after shipping. Our free shipping does not include inside delivery. Please contact mike@fastfurnishings.com if you would like an inside delivery quote. We are not able to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada at this time.

3. What is your Return Policy?

Please click here to view our cancellation and return policy

4. How do I list products from FastFurnishings.com to my own website or eBay?

After being accepted to our wholesale drop-ship program you are free to copy the product images and descriptions directly from our website to add to your website or eBay. Also, our Silver, Gold, and Platinum members have access to our csv product data file, which can be used to upload our products directly to your website or online marketplace.

5. How do your items ship? / What is the shipping method?

We ship all of our smaller items via FedEx ground, UPS Ground, or USPS. Bigger items like sofas, beds, pool tables, etc... ship via YRC shipping (http://www.yrc.com) or R&L Carriers (http://www.rlcarriers.com). Please note that freight shipments do not include inside delivery or setup.

6. Do you have an order tracking system for the wholesale orders that are placed?

Yes, shortly after we ship an order to your customer we will send an email to the email address provided in the wholesale order with the shipment tracking number. We recommend that you forward the tracking number to your customer.

7. Does FastFurnishings.com have any new products that are not listed on the website?

Yes, we are always adding new products to our website. If you have a specific type of product that you would like to sell that you don't see on FastFurnishings.com then please let us know, and we will do our best to get the product you are requesting added to our website as quickly as possible.

8. I have a question that is not answered here. How do I contact FastFurnishings.com in regards to the wholesale/drop-ship program?

Please fill out our Contact Us Form to request additional information on our wholesale drop-ship program.

9. Do I need a re-seller license, tax-ID number, or seller's permit to become a FastFurnishings.com retailer?

Yes, you will need to obtain the necessary business license, tax-id number, or seller's permit required in your location to operate an online business. For instance, in California you would need a California Sellers Permit, which requires that you pay sales tax on all orders that ship within the state of California.

10. Do you offer Blind Drop-Shipping?

No, we do not currently offer blind drop shipping. (Blind Dropshipments are those that do not show the ship from location on the package) Our orders will show the manufacturer name and warehouse address as the ship from location. No prices will be included in the packing slip with the order sent to your customer, so you do not have to worry about the customer seeing a receipt showing your wholesale price. Also, most of the manufacturer's products we carry do not sell directly to the public.

11.How do I place wholesale orders with FastFurnishings.com?

All wholesale orders are placed directly through our website, http://www.fastfurnishings.com . Shortly after acceptance into our wholesale drop-ship account we will email you back with your 5%, 10% or 15% coupon code to use to place your wholesale drop-ship orders. Then, after you have received an order for one of our products, go to http://www.fastfurnishings.com to place the order with us. Locate the product that your customer ordered and add it to the shopping cart. Now, from within the shopping cart enter in your wholesale coupon code to apply your wholesale pricing (click the "shop for more items" button if you have more items to add to the cart). After you have added everything you need to the online shopping cart click the "proceed to checkout" button where you will be brought to our one page checkout screen. Enter your name and address for the billing information and put your customer's name and address as the ship to information. Then you will select to your payment method and submit the order to us. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Google Checkout, and Paypal.com

12. I am not a US citizen, or live outside of the United States, Can I still sign up for the drop-ship program?
Yes, we have several international resellers who are selling our products on their websites and eBay stores. Please keep in mind that our Free Shipping only applies to orders that are shipped within the contiguous United States and we do not currently offer shipping outside of the contiguous United States. So, if you are for instance a Canadian living in Canada, you join our drop-ship program and sell our products online, but you can only sell them to people within the contiguous United States. Also, you will need to check and see what type of business licenses or sellers permits are required to operate business in your location.

13. Why do you charge for your wholesale drop-ship program?

We are a successful online furniture retailer, and have accounts with over 100 top quality manufacturers. We pass along our wholesale pricing to our re-sellers, and make very little to no profit on the orders that we process for our re sellers. The only way we can do this is to charge a dropshipment fee. Instead of charging a per shipment drop-ship fee like many wholesale drop-shippers, we charge a monthly fee, which is based on the wholesale pricing level you sign up for. We also have a free wholesale drop-ship plan, which gives you 5% discounted pricing on our products and there is no monthly fee or per shipment fee. Our premium wholesale drop-ship plans are $29 per month for the 10% off wholesale pricing, and $49 per month for 15% off wholesale pricing. Additional discount available for yearly subscription

14. Which shopping cart or eCommerce platforms do you recommend?

We recommend BigCommerce , Volusion , osCommerce, ZenCart, Open Cart, Shopify, Magento, or Wordpress with woocommerce plugin. All of these shopping cart / ecommerce platforms are affordable and allow for our products to be added quickly and easily. They also offer professional templates and SEO (search engine optimization) functionality.

15. Which credit card processing merchant accounts does FastFurnishings.com recommend for accepting online credit card payments?

We recommend PayPal.com

16. I am having trouble adding your product images to eBay?

eBay requires that images are greater than 500 pixels wide or high. If you are getting error when adding our product images to eBay then that means you are not uploading the full size image. To save full size image to your desktop please replace PRODUCTCODE in the link below with the product code of the product you are trying to add to eBay.


so, for instance if the product code of the item you are adding to eBay is SC8IM1399 - then the image link would be:


You can then right click on the full size image and save to your desktop, and then upload to eBay. Please note that the product code for our products can be found on product details page about 2 inches above the add to cart button.

17. What price should I sell your products?

Please do not sell our products below our MAP price, or Minimum Advertised Price. The MAP price for our products is the price in blue color listed on our website for any given product. Many of the manufacturers who's products we offer in our drop-ship program regularly monitor the prices in which online retailers are selling their products. Re-seller accounts will be cancelled if found selling our products below MAP price. We recommend that our re-sellers markup their retail price on our products by 18-35% above wholesale price.

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